Feasibility Analysis and Investment Evaluation

A feasibility analysis helps to understand what you can do on the land. It’s the initial step and will set the direction of the project. We’ll ensure the project is doable in terms of legitimacy, practice, budget and so on.

We’re working on an online model to help you understanding the options and opportunity on the land and the potential return you’ll get.

Feasibility Study

A proper feasibililty study identifies all opportunities on the land you invested. Typically, we’ll ensure:

  • The greatest yield of development scale
  • The best quality of development
  • Lower time cost


You'll get Resource Consent in 3 months

With a resource consent grant you can continue to subdivide a piece of land.
A resource consent gives approval for things like the use or subdivision of land, the taking of water, the discharge of contaminants in water, soil or air, or the use or occupation of coastal space. It matters not only your house, but also the area that you’re living in. To get a resource consent, you'll need several things to be done:
  • Topo Survey
  • Architecture Design
  • Engineering Specifications
  • Assessment of Environmental Effects
  • S92 Response

You'll get Certificate of Title in 6 to 12 months

A piece of land with certificate of title is legal to be sold or transferred to someone else.
Subdivision is for land owner to divide a piece land or buildings into separate parts in terms of legal matters. Subdivided land can be sold or split into separate ownership. To do so a subdivision consent is required from the local Council. It’s also required to alter a boundary between two properties. Subdivision can also involves in urban infill development or re-development, and greenfield new town subdivision. To get a certificate of title you'll need several things to be done:
  • Resource Consent
  • Building Consent
  • Engineering Plan Approval
  • Compliance (s223, s224c)

You'll get the house built up in 12 to 18 months

A house with title to live in or be sold.
With consents and plans it's time to finally kick off building up the house. You don't need to know any complicated engineering specifications. Simply you can delegate Topland to lead the construction work and control time and cost.
  • Construction Work
  • Project Management
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