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可行性分析有助于您了解在陆地上可以做什么。 进行初始步骤,将设置项目方向。 我们认为该项目在合法性,实践,预算等方面都是可行的




A resource consent gives approval for things like the use or subdivision of land, the taking of water, the discharge of contaminants in water, soil or air, or the use or occupation of coastal space. It matters not only your house, but also the area that you’re living in.

You need special permission in the form of resource consent from the applicable local council if you wish to carry out any proposed activity which is for a use of the environment that is inconsistent with the RMA. Resource consent includes conditions to avoid, fix or reduce effects on the environment resulting from an activity.



Subdivision is for land owner to divide a piece land or buildings into separate parts in terms of legal matters. Subdivided land can be sold or split into separate ownership. To do so a subdivision consent is required from the local Council. It’s also required to alter a boundary between two properties. Subdivision can also involves in urban infill development or re-development, and greenfield new town subdivision.

The whole process involves many steps and parties of engineer, architect and constructor. Generally it will take about 1 year to get a granted consent.



Topland can manage your project with your authorization to ensure the project is delivered on time and scope.

Procedures and time frames
  1. Consenting project management
    You’ll get a resource consent, which means the project is allowed to commence.
  2. After consenting project management
    You’ll get a s224c certificate, stating that all or any of the conditions of the subdivision consent have been complied with to its satisfaction.



With house plan drawings you can take a glimpse of what the house would be. But that may not be as convincing as a photo realistic 3D rendering. Relying on 3D modeling and computer graphic rendering technology, you can totally see the future. You can pick up the material for cladding, the type of window and the color of floor to make house of your own.

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